Feeling stuck is a very common life experience…

You want to move forward but everything you try to do, either doesn’t work or you hit road-blocks at every step. You become confused and disorientated. The more your mind ‘fogs up’, the more your body slows and if your mind remains confused over time, the body becomes fatigued and ill.

There are several reasons we become ‘stuck’;

• You are playing the ‘safe’ game
• Your mind is stuck in the past
• You doubt your own skills and talents

The key to becoming ‘unstuck’ is to expand your awareness or create ‘space’ around you. When you create this space and your awareness expands, the limitations dissolve and you find that you are more ‘on track’ with what you really want. At that point, connect really deeply with what it is you want, write it down, put up pictures or create very relevant images and keep showing those to yourself.

As humans, many of us don’t like change. Change is unpleasant and tricky as it requires us to do something very different from what we have always done and our natural tendency is to stay with the ‘safe’ option. In addition, society supports these safe options with commonly used phrases such as “better the devil you know” or “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. These phrases do not encourage us to step out of our comfort zone and try something different.

As we progress through life, we experience a mixture of joy and successes as well as losses and sorrowful times. The difficulties ‘stick’ with us and we try to do something new, our brain remembers the ‘failure’ or difficulty and reminds us that perhaps we may not success this time as didn’t the last. We pause, we worry and become stuck.

I have had two clients this week who have said to me that they are now realising how clever they are. One is a recent university graduate who has been at work only a few weeks, and who had achieved a ‘First’ in her degree and also was in the top 5% of student results in the country at her final year at high school. She is only just recognising how quickly she grasps new concepts.

The other is a 47 year old woman who has had her own business for many years and she is only just realising how bright and how smart she is. At least she is aware of it now, but what of the many years that she has lived under the shadow of the fact that she was labelled as ‘stupid’ at school because of her dyslexia. I am confident that both of these great women will go on to do even greater things with their lives now that they actually believe how good they really are.
So as I mentioned above, the key to becoming ‘unstuck’ is to expand your awareness or create ‘space’ around you. Then connect with that ‘space’ both in mental and visual form. Keep playing that new story to yourself. You will then move yourself into that new space.

Sometimes it will happen quickly and other times it will be slow. The trick then is not to judge yourself or the process; ie. “why is taking so long” as that will almost definitely slow the process down and things will become ‘stuck’ once again.

How to connect with that vision and desire?…

• Meditation is a really good way to do that. In the stillness, a space is created and the busy mind slows giving an opportunity for sparks of genius or desire to drop in.
• Tapping or EFT is also a good way to ‘see’ new opportunities as well as unblock old patterns
• Doing something creative allows the brain to flow more freely and evenly and allow in the expansiveness that we require.
• Any kind of therapy which helps unblock repeating patterns.

I would be more than happy to discuss or help you move through blocks and help ease any part of your life that is not working as you wish it would.