One of my clients this week said to me ‘Karen, have you ever been stuck? Have you every not known what to do to for the best? Does everyone feel like this from time to time?’.

Oh yes indeed I have.

I used to work in corporate IT – busy schedule, multiple projects and streams of to do lists. I have raised several children and all the joy, busy-ness and sleepless nights that comes with that. I have run my own business for years and managed all the demands on my time and priorities.

Yes indeed there are times when I have felt stuck and uncertain about my next steps…What do I do about it?

I carve out some ‘me’ time.
• I meditate
• I craft or paint
• I find a beautiful place in nature
• OR I do some gardening

Whilst that may not solve the dilemma immediately, it creates a bit of space in my head; a kind of distance between my worries and the solution. It gives me a sense of calm and order.

Little by little, everything slows and relaxes and if done regularly it enables the next steps to form in my head.

It’s okay not to know how to solve the entire problem – not to be able to see the whole staircase.

When you are going up a flight of stairs, you cannot always see to the top of the staircase. That only comes into view after you have taken some steps up the stairs. So, taking the first step is often a great strategy – other doors open, the path becomes easier.

Another thing to remember is that worry breeds worry, meaning that one negative thought can lead to another, so keeping a clear head is really important.

That is why I began meditating. To create the gap between the thoughts that I often speak about.

That’s why I teach craft – to relax and engage the creative part of the brain.

That’s why I teach EFT – to calm the emotions and sort problems.

That’s why I use energy balancing techniques which help myself and others out of the fog and chaos.

That’s why I do what I do. Because being stuck is not fun for anyone.

So yes I have been stuck. It’s knowing what to do to get yourself out of it that makes all the difference.