I recently set up a new Instagram account. I posted a few new images which matched my ‘brand’ and my clean lines of quotes and images. I was very excited.

Within a couple of days I got several body building enthusiasts following me and single guys following me who kept saying hi and asking how my day was going. 🙃 In the ‘suggested pages’ to follow I kept seeing muscle builders, and body enthusiasts and single guys.  Eeek that was not my intention and not the vibe or purpose that I intended for my page !! I was frustrated as I didn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing the calm, positive, stress free, relaxing vibe that I thought I represented.

I asked my teenage ‘social media experts’ and they said not to worry!  Well I did worry!  I didn’t like it at all!! I even considered deleting the account and starting again.

Then I decided that if I just keep being true to myself and my message, things would sort themselves out and those not aligned with me and my message would drop off due to lack of interest.

Not being a social media expert I hoped that’s how it would work anyway.

Over the next two weeks, I continued to post quotes and comments according to my brand, my message and continued to follow those accounts which I liked.

Sure enough …. within a couple of weeks – my news feed changed. Positivity, calmness and mind motivation filled my suggestion list.

Ahhh all was good again.

Then I reflected as to how like life this was….sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we don’t want to be in or with people that we rather not be with.

By keeping firm to our own beliefs and keep true to our own goals and losing the self-doubt, things begin to straighten themselves out and align themselves with our chosen direction.

Hey, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with body builders or working out at the gym (in fact I am a regular at the gym these days – more about that in another post).  It was just that it seemed out of place on this social media account. By the way, I also figured out that I had included a couple of innocent #hashtags and those were the cause.

How quickly I changed the dynamic and the outcome by staying true to own vision and my value set.

Often though, we become uncertain and doubt our own beliefs or direction because of external factors, because of the opinions of those around us or because of our own expectations. At first the ripple is small and if left unchecked it begins to cause tidal waves of doubt and uncertainty and has the potential to change our course of direction and thinking.

Set your goals, dream your dreams and keep going. Change is good too.  If something is not working no need to beat your head against a brick wall.  Change is good if in response to a key driver or a considered situation.

Be Amazing! Dream Big!

I help people who are struggling to find clarity and focus or with overwhelm.  I help people figure out how to get themselves from where they are to where they want to be easily and effectively. If you are uncertain about a particular course of action please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.