I have helped thousands of people across four continents overcome huge personal challenges using a combination of mind body balance techniques, intuition and 15 years’ experience.

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With this blog, I aim to inspire and motivate you so that you strive for and live your best life possible.

Are you stuck?

Feeling stuck is a very common life experience…

The key to becoming ‘unstuck’ is to expand your awareness or create ‘space’ around you.

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Coping with exam stress

Keeping a balance between enough sleep, time with family and friends as well as maintaining a good study routine can be a difficult thing to manage. Here are a few strategies to help.

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Feeling stuck!

One of my clients this week said to me ‘Karen, have you ever been stuck?

Oh yes indeed I have.

It’s knowing what to do to get yourself out of it that makes all the difference.

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A social media lesson – Be Amazing

I recently set up a new Instagram account. I posted a few new images which matched my ‘brand’ and my clean lines of quotes and images. I was very excited but…….

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Keep the main thing

Towards the end of each year I begin to consider what I mastered during that year. We now only have a few weeks left of 2017 and so I am taking stock of my key lessons. What did I master? What did I learn? Did I have fun?

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Crystal Sound

I have seen profound results in the healing of broken or injured bones.  For example, I had one client who came to me suffering with severe ‘spurs and hooks’ in her ankle. The surgeon was about to operate.  She came to me for one session with the bowls and had an MRI a few days later…

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A gap or a hamster wheel

Life is moving so fast these days. It seems as though we blink and another month has gone by. Sometimes I feel like I am like one of those hamsters on a little wheel spinning ever so fast. Do you ever feel like that? In a few short weeks it will be Christmas again. It doesn’t look like life will be slowing down.

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Who is Karen Telfer?

Karen helps people who are stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or in chronic pain, find a way forward, a way out of the fog, back to balance and well-being so that they can enjoy their lives by using proven techniques combined with intuition and 15 years experience.

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