Calm – Meditation Album


Track 1 – Restful Sleep (34.55)– A lovely meditation designed to relax and guide you to a deep restful sleep

Track 2 – Easing Pain (15.41)– To relieve tension and ease physical pain

Track 3 – Leaving an Old Pattern Behind – (7.11) An opportunity to shift a niggling pattern

Track 4 – Defining Priorities (9.20)– Assists you in becoming clearer about what you want and get back to the main task in hand

Track 5 – A Great Day – (15.06) – Designed to energise you and set you up for a great day

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Whilst listening to these tracks do not be concerned if your mind wanders, especially if you are new to meditation.  Our mind’s job is to think. During meditation we do not expect our mind to turn off completely – we merely wish to slow it down to allow inspiration and creative thoughts in.

Each track was created with a specific intention, however each one will help you relax and feel calmer.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable. I mention within them to be seated but you are most welcome to take up whatever position will suit you best. You may wish to close your eyes. I would also suggest having a pen and paper to hand.

It may also be a good idea to allocate yourself a few minutes afterwards to sit in quiet as you enjoy the calmness or to jot down any thoughts which may pop into your head.


Note – please read

Please do not listen to these whilst driving or using heavy machinery or electrical equipment and take some time afterwards to ensure that your mind is fully alert before engaging in these activities. Meditation is designed to slow, calm and relax all senses. By purchasing these are you taking full responsibility for your own well-being. They are for your own use only.

How to buy them

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